Social Media Today - Latest News Media Todayen-usWed, 28 Dec 2022 19:14:05 -0500Instagram Chief Outlines Key Areas of Focus for the App in 2023<p>What&#39;s coming next for IG? Here are the platform&#39;s three key areas of focus.</p>Andrew HutchinsonWed, 28 Dec 2022 19:14:05 -0500 Tests Updated Format for Tweet View Count Display<p>Twitter&#39;s new view count display hasn&#39;t been hugely popular, but this might help.</p>Andrew HutchinsonTue, 27 Dec 2022 20:48:30 -0500 Rolls Out Priority Tweet Ranking, Longer Video Uploads to Blue Subscribers<p>Some new Twitter Blue incentives are now rolling out.</p>Andrew HutchinsonFri, 23 Dec 2022 16:01:11 -0500 Flags Emoji Reactions for Tweets to Provide More Response Options<p>More ways to react to tweets?</p>Andrew HutchinsonFri, 23 Dec 2022 15:21:15 -0500 Faces US Ban After Discovery that Chinese Officials had Used the App to Spy on US Journalists<p>TikTok&#39;s efforts to separate itself from China&#39;s strict cybersecurity laws have taken a significant hit.</p>Andrew HutchinsonFri, 23 Dec 2022 14:52:48 -0500 Adds New Stock Pricing Info to Cashtag Searches<p>More contextual data for stock market related searches.</p>Andrew HutchinsonWed, 21 Dec 2022 16:23:48 -0500 to Use Online Reviews to Market to Different Generations [Infographic]<p>Some key notes on how online reviews can impact the purchase process.</p>Mark Walker-FordWed, 21 Dec 2022 16:23:00 -0500 Adds New Snapchat+ Elements for the Holidays<p>Snap&rsquo;s added some new Snapchat+ options for the holidays.</p>Andrew HutchinsonWed, 21 Dec 2022 15:55:33 -0500 Adds New Qualification Process for Community Notes to Improve Note Value<p>The additional process will add an extra layer of screening to ensure better quality Notes contributions.</p>Andrew HutchinsonWed, 21 Dec 2022 15:17:02 -0500 Adds New Shorts Insights and Post Presentation Options<p>YouTube&#39;s adding in some final updates for 2022.</p>Andrew HutchinsonWed, 21 Dec 2022 14:37:35 -0500