Social Media Decals

We have a wide variety of decals for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube and more. Our social media decals are produced using a formula of polymers and layering making them reusable and easy to install. Our decals do not bubble while being installed. No tools are required. Same day shipping on all non-custom orders.

If you don't see a window decal that you want, please Contact Us for custom designs.

As always, FREE Shipping on all orders $20.00 or more!


Our decals are very similar to clings, but better. Our decals will stick to any surface, where clings are used mostly for glass. Cling curl and wilt. Our decals will even stick to automobiles and stay adhered at highway speeds. Decals have more potential uses and we think they are better and more durable than clings. We use the terms “decal,” “sticker” and “cling “ to describe our products, truth is, they are the best of all three. Just for you at Social Media Decals.

How to Apply your Decal