What it really Means!

Going Offline with Social Media

Social media has become ever so popular in the last five years and many businesses have sprouted up as a result. The reason many businesses have prospered as a result of social media is because it's a new avenue for getting their products or product information in front of millions of people, whether online or through mobile applications. But now there are more ways to get your businesses in front of the masses and that is by going offline with social media.

Going offline with social media can have a powerful effect on your business and the reason for this is many people are already in tune with certain social media sites as well as their particular brands of advertisement. People have been looking at these logos on social media sites for so long that they just seem to gravitate towards them. So what better way to tap into this growing phenomenon than to use the effectiveness of social media in offline marketing campaigns?

Many people already recognize the social media brands for many companies that are online. When using these brands coupled with simple items such as social media decals, this can be a very powerful way to get a message out to people. This will remind them of not only your company's name, but that you too have a presence on the social media networks regardless of which one it is.

This is a powerful concept and can truly drive business. You see, social media advertising doesn't just need to be online; you can take advantage of what is already familiar to millions of people and simply add your name or concept, and present it to others in a different light. Decals are ideal because they can be used almost anywhere. But you can come up with new ways such as window decals; these can be installed in just as many places.

Another fantastic way to let someone really know about your business is adding your QR code to your decals. This will allow people to scan your decal with any QR code supported phone and learn more information about your business. Everything they need to know about your business will pop up on their phone, providing all the information about who you are and what you can provide.

The power in this type of marketing is just the beginning; this can be done per business and per product. People are looking for these icons and brands all over the place. Some of these images are on store fronts, this lets people know that this store has a presence on Facebook or YouTube, and many people gravitate toward this because they simply want to network with that store.

The next thing you will see is companies printing this information on shopping bags and in newspapers. You are already seeing it on television such as the news channels or certain movie networks. The power of offline social media is only beginning and the time to act is now.

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